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The solution to your sleepless nights

The solution to your sleepless nights

The solution to your sleepless nightsThe solution to your sleepless nightsThe solution to your sleepless nights

"You'll never sleep again"

This is a line that most, if not all, new mothers hear over and over again. But that doesn't have to be the case for you. You can begin working with me from the time your child turns 16 weeks. Reclaim your sleep and gain the peace of mind that your child is getting the rest that their little, growing body needs.


- Preparing for a newborn

- Dependency on sleep props such as pacifier, rocking, feeding, etc.

- Night wakings

- Waking too early in the morning

- Inconsistent naps

- Trouble figuring out a schedule

- Sleep regressions

- Toddler sleep trouble

- Transitioning from co-sleeping

If you think that I can help your little one get to sleeping better, please contact me

Your Budget


You shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to find answers to your child's sleep troubles. Many consultants are money hungry, but I believe that your family's well being is more important than a dollar in my pocket. I will always work with your budget in mind, whether its helping you with just the necessities or working out a payment plan.

Customized Plans


Independent sleep is a skill that not all babies will learn by the same method. Some may not even need help at all! I can teach you how to work with your child's specific needs by providing a custom plan and training strategy for your family. Finding the sleep training method that works for your child is the key to reclaiming your restful nights.

Unlimited support


Throughout the duration of your sleep training journey, you will receive unlimited support from me whenever you need it. There is no question too small to go unanswered. We are just an email away from reassuring you that you're doing a great job!